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Join the top consumer electronics companies leveraging our retail analytics to maximise in-store investments and shopper experiences.

No more blind spots. Granular analytics that empower smarter decisions.

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Tribe Connect provides consumer tech brands with the real-time retail visibility needed to effortlessly deploy, manage, and optimise demo devices across retailer networks.

Our IoT analytics platform equips you with continuous compliance monitoring, so you can proactively identify and resolve merchandising gaps that impact shopper experiences.

With Tribe Connect, maintain immersive product demonstrations at scale while preserving brand excellence in every store.

The Tribe Connect advantage

Icon Always-on Demo Devices

Always-on demo devices

Bring your in-store product demos to life with Tribe Connect’s eSIM connectivity. With Tribe Connect, equip your latest devices with eSIMs to maximise uptime and keep shoppers engaged.
Experience the power of remote demo management.

Icon Retail Compliance Analytics

Retail compliance analytics

End the guesswork around execution with Tribe Connect’s real-time compliance visibility. Our retail analytics platform detects gaps in execution of demo devices across the retail estate. Our remote monitoring and alerts enable proactive execution optimisation. Fix issues before they impact the shopper experience.

Icon Field Force Optimisation

Field force optimisation

Focus field teams on what matters especially with new product launches. Tribe Connect identifies specific compliance gaps and prioritises issues. Prescriptive recommendations enable consistent and rapid resolution. By leveraging our powerful retail analytics, you can ensure flawless execution with real time reporting on the number of activated devices.

Icon Asset Tracking and Recovery

Asset tracking and recovery

Get full accountability for demo devices asset tracking. Tribe Connect tracks assets, pinpoints their location in stores, and alerts you when items go missing or are not ‘live’. Our analytics provide the transparency needed to minimise losses, meet merchandising compliance requirements, and maximise asset recovery when end of life.

Icon Omnichannel Attribution

Omnichannel attribution

Get a complete view of the customer journey with Tribe Connect. By tying together data from web, in-store devices, and POS systems, you can finally optimise integrated strategies that deliver consistent experiences across touchpoints.

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Tired of execution blind spots and lack of visibility? Tribe Connect equips you with the data and insights needed to optimise retail channels. Our retail analytics shine a light on the dark corners of your retail presence.

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