See your products through your shoppers’ eyes

Understanding how consumers interact with your products is key for tailoring experiences and driving sales. Tribe Connect’s IoT platform captures invaluable shopper engagement data through connected devices.

Our dashboard provides visibility into engagement metrics so brands can identify opportunities to educate, excite, and convert shoppers.

It’s time to finally understand your shoppers’ in-store journey. Get started with Tribe Connect to unlock shopper insights that will transform your retail execution.

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Traffic flows

Store traffic monitoring reveals shopper behaviour patterns.

Dwell time

Analyse engagement levels and interests based on time spent with devices.


Assess feature discovery and product resonance through usage data.

Purchase signals

Match interactions to POS system data to identify conversion drivers.


Device performance metrics indicate usability issues impacting engagement.

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Tired of execution blind spots and lack of visibility? Tribe Connect equips you with the data and insights needed to optimise retail channels. Our retail analytics shine a light on the dark corners of your retail presence.

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