The retail execution blind spot

For far too long, consumer technology companies have faced frustrating limitations when bringing innovative products to market through retail partners. Inability to monitor merchandising compliance. Lack of visibility into how shoppers engage. Missed opportunities to optimise placement and inventory. Difficulty attributing marketing spending to actual sales impact.

The resulting guesswork erodes trust between manufacturers and retailers, leaves revenue on the table, and delivers inconsistent experiences that frustrate shoppers. Consumer tech brands deserve better data and insights.

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The Tribe Connect difference

Tribe Connect eliminates the retail guessing game through IoT connectivity and real-time analytics. Our smart e-Sim and retail platform integrates directly with your latest devices to extract previously hidden insights.

We shine a light on the blind spots that have inhibited growth for consumer technology brands reliant on retail execution.

We deliver the visibility and intelligence needed to compete in the new era of omnichannel retail.

Optimise product demonstrations based on shopper interactions.

Instantly detect and resolve execution gaps through compliance monitoring.

Tailor shopper experiences using engagement and preference data.

Maximise return on retail partnerships with attribution insights.

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Smart retail connectivity and intelligence you can trust

With decades of combined experience in the consumer electronics and retail industries, Tribe Connect deeply understands the challenges brands face. We’ve lived the pain points and guessed alongside you for too long.

Our team has witnessed firsthand the lack of visibility and misaligned expectations that cost technology companies time, money, and competitive edge in retail. We founded Tribe Connect to finally eliminate the retail blind spot through technology.

Having navigated these challenges from within leading consumer tech companies, we know exactly the type of actionable insights needed to optimise retail execution. Our roots in connected devices and IoT shape how we deliver visibility.

Tribe Connect pairs this industry expertise with cutting-edge analytics software, machine learning algorithms, and strategic retail partnerships. This powers an intelligent retail platform tailored to your needs based on real-world experience.

When you partner with Tribe Connect, you’re getting more than analytics – you’re getting insights you can trust based on decades of collectively optimising consumer electronics retail strategies. Our team understands your world and is dedicated to maximising its potential.

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Tired of execution blind spots and lack of visibility? Tribe Connect equips you with the data and insights needed to optimise retail channels. Our retail analytics shine a light on the dark corners of your retail presence.

Contact us to learn how our IoT platform can help you maximise the value of your retail partner relationships.

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