Unmatched retail intelligence

Tribe Connect provides consumer tech manufacturers unmatched visibility into how products perform in retail environments. Our connectivity and analytics solutions capture engagement, compliance, and performance data missed by digital platforms alone.

The Tribe Connectivity Manager tracks activation rates and usage. The Tribe Retail Insight App generates location-based analytics on device distribution and foot traffic.

checking mobile display and desktop computer for analysis

With Tribe Connect, you will receive:

Maintain merchandising standards by monitoring compliance gaps.

Identify high-potential stores based on sales velocity.

Optimise supply forecasting with real-time signals.

Quantify product appeal based on authenticated usage.

comparing mobile view with desktop view for data analysis

Tribe Connect integrates directly with your latest devices to extract data and serve actionable insights previously hidden

Our robust analytics and intuitive reporting provide the visibility needed to delight shoppers and partners.

Increased sales by optimizing retail execution based on insights.

Reduced risks and costs by proactively resolving execution issues.

Improved forecast accuracy through demand-based supply signals.

Higher return on retail partnerships by focusing efforts on best stores.

Enhanced shopper experiences through maintaining standards.

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Tired of execution blind spots and lack of visibility? Tribe Connect equips you with the data and insights needed to optimise retail channels. Our retail analytics shine a light on the dark corners of your retail presence.

Contact us to learn how our IoT platform can help you maximise the value of your retail partner relationships.

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