Connecting data that drives decisions from retail metrics monitoring

Are stores executing your demo devices as intended?  Tribe Connect provides the retail metrics and data you need to understand what’s working at a granular level.

With comprehensive and real-time monitoring across your retail metrics, Tribe Connect empowers smarter merchandising, operations, and growth decisions. Retail optimisation starts with measurement – let our analytics provide the visibility you need to help with flawless retail execution and shopper experiences.

Learn how Tribe Connect can deliver the data foundation needed to maximise retail productivity.

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Store traffic

Foot traffic and dwell time patterns reveal shopper behaviours.

Asset performance

Demo device utilisation and downtime metrics highlight issues.

Shopper engagement

Interactions and impressions signal product resonance.

Device performance

Indicators for uptime, issues, and responsiveness.

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Tired of execution blind spots and lack of visibility? Tribe Connect equips you with the data and insights needed to optimise retail channels. Our retail analytics shine a light on the dark corners of your retail presence.

Contact us to learn how our IoT platform can help you maximise the value of your retail partner relationships.

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