Tired of spotty Wi-Fi and network coverage impeding your in-store devices?

Our intelligent connectivity solution provides reliable, always-on activation without relying on store bandwidth, location or coverage.

With Tribe’s connectivity platform, your demo units seamlessly switch between operator networks to maintain optimal uptime and response – no more choppy or unavailable demos frustrating shoppers.

Frictionless remote updates and control mean no disruptive maintenance or risky reliance on local networks.

Don’t let unreliable networks leave your demo investments dead in the water. Connect with Tribe to equip your devices for the future of retail.

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With Tribe Connect, you will receive:

Continuous compliance and performance monitoring.

Real-time data gathering, even from remote retail locations.

Over-the-air updates deployed seamlessly in the background.

Complete lifecycle tracking and visibility.

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Our intelligent connectivity platform enables remote activation and control of demo devices

This serves as a foundation for gathering data- driven insights for demo units. We make it fast and frictionless to deploy, monitor and manage devices across retail stores. Give your demos an always-on connection with Tribe.

See firsthand how our intelligent connectivity platform lays the groundwork for maximising your return on in-store investments.

Tribe Connect’s connectivity platform provides:

icon quick activation

Quick activation

Download eSIM profiles instantly with QR code scanning, no physical SIM card required.

icon two-way activation

Two-way communication

Push updates and gather data from devices remotely through the connection.

Icon Omnichannel Attribution

Improved compliance

Remotely monitor device status, utilisation, and planogram adherence. Receive alerts on issues.

Icon Always-on Demo Devices

Global roaming

Our eSIM technology enables automated global connectivity for demo devices by selecting the best local service provider network wherever they are deployed.

icon custom network branding

Customised network branding

Our Service Provider Name (SPN) masking capability allows the network name to be customised on connected devices, such as showing the device name or your own brand name.

icon enhanced security

Enhanced security

Securely lock, disable, or wipe devices if they become lost or stolen.

icon seamless experience

Seamless experiences

Keep devices updated, avoid downtime, and enable interactive demos with remote connectivity.

icon lifecycle training

Lifecycle tracking

Monitor shipments of eSIM-enabled devices from factory through final decommissioning.

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Tired of execution blind spots and lack of visibility? Tribe Connect equips you with the data and insights needed to optimise retail channels. Our retail analytics shine a light on the dark corners of your retail presence.

Contact us to learn how our IoT platform can help you maximise the value of your retail partner relationships.

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