By Emma Lester-Devitt, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

In today's connected shopping journey, the in-store experience remains a crucial touchpoint for shoppers. In our article, The Changing Shopper Journey, we discussed that the ability to physically interact with products, or "touch and try," is especially important for certain items. This is where demonstration devices come into play.

The Value of Demonstration Devices

Demonstration devices offer several key benefits for customers:

  • Experience features firsthand: Holding a phone, trying on a pair of headphones, or interacting with a smart appliance lets customers understand the product's size, weight, feel, and functionality in a way that static images or videos simply cannot.
  • Test performance: Customers can try out the camera on a phone, see how comfortable a gaming controller fits in their hands, or test the sound quality of a speaker. This hands-on experience builds trust and helps them make informed decisions.
  • Compare options: Having multiple demonstration devices side-by-side allows customers to directly compare features and functionality between different products.


The Problem: Non-Functional Devices

However, a recent European Consumer Research Study highlights a concerning issue: 20% of demonstration devices were either switched off or not working. This presents several problems:

  • Lost sales opportunities: If a customer can't interact with a product, they're less likely to understand its value and may opt for a competitor's offering.
  • Negative brand perception: Non-functional demonstration devices create a negative impression, suggesting a lack of attention to detail and customer experience.
  • Missed opportunity to build trust: Working devices allow customers to experiment and build confidence in the product, ultimately increasing their likelihood of purchasing.


The Solution: Ensuring Optimal Functionality

The good news is that this problem is solvable. Here's how stores can ensure their demonstration devices are functioning optimally:

  • Regular maintenance: Implement a schedule for checking and updating demonstration devices, ensuring they are powered on, have the latest software, and are in good working order.
  • Staff training: Train staff on the importance of demonstration devices and empower them to troubleshoot minor issues or escalate problems to be addressed quickly.
  • Engaged staff: Having enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff available to answer questions and guide customers through product features can significantly enhance the "touch and try" experience.


Enhancing the In-Store Experience

The study also found that only 27% of shoppers rated stores very good for ease of testing services/experiences. This presents a broader opportunity for stores to improve their physical space:

  • Strategic placement: Positioning demonstration devices in high-traffic areas and ensuring they're readily accessible to customers.
  • Clear signage: Using clear signage that explains how to use the devices and highlights key features.
  • Engaging displays: Creating interactive displays with intuitive interfaces that encourage customers to explore the products.


The Tribe Connect Solution

At Tribe Connect, we understand the importance of the "touch and try" experience and the role of demonstration devices in the connected shopping journey. Our platform offers real-time monitoring and analytics for your demo devices, ensuring they are always on and functioning optimally when in situ.

With Tribe Connect, you can:

  1. Monitor device status: Know immediately if a device is offline or malfunctioning, allowing for quick resolution.
  2. Track customer engagement: Understand how customers are interacting with your devices and which features are generating the most interest.
  3. Optimise placement: Use data to place devices in high-traffic areas and create engaging displays strategically.

By partnering with Tribe Connect, you can harness the power of demonstration devices, create a seamless in-store experience, and drive sales in the connected shopping journey. Don't let non-functional devices cost you opportunities – take control with Tribe Connect.

Unlock the power of connected retail with Tribe Connect. Contact us today to learn how our platform can revolutionise your shopper marketing strategy.

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